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termite control south florida
Termite control South Florida is very important to the well-being of your family, as well as the investment of your home.  Florida termites can cause immeasurable amounts of damage.  More-so than storms, fires, floods and disasters COMBINED.  That’s why, one of the worst things a home owner can hear is:
“You have termites!”
Don’t worry, All Things Pest Control is here to help with your termite control in South Florida.  Termites in Florida only measure about 10 millimeters in size, but have gigantic appetites.  In half a year, a termite infestation can surmount to thousands of dollars in damage to your home.
There are a few different species of termites, these include: Florida Drywood Termites, Florida Dampwood Termites, Florida Subterranean Termites and the Florida Formosan Termites.  All of these types of termites are prevalant in South Florida.  Luckily, we havethe adept skills and expertise to handle them.
Termite Map South Florida | Termite Map South Florida | All Things Pest Control
Most termites are found in warm, wet and humid areas.  Hence, the rason why South Florida is so famous for these little creatures. They harvest in areas that include:
termite control south florida
  • plumbing pipes
  • leaks
  • clogged gutters
  • moist plants
  • trees
  • dead branches
  • commercial buildings
  • condos
and more!
How Are They Getting INTO My Home?
Termites are shaped distinctly.  Their small heads enable them to enter a home as small as 1/64th of an inch.  All it takes is two termites to start a new colony, easily entering into your home through attics, vents, windowsills, doors, concrete cracks and other small crevices that their bodies fit through.  Once inside, termites eat any and all wood available to them.  Actually, anything with a cellulose base is inviting for them.  These can include, but are not limited to: paper, cardboard, insulation, asphalt, plaster, metal sheeting and lastic.  Nothing is safe in your home from a motivated termite bent on the destruction of everything in its path.
To protect your South Florida home from termite invaders, it’s important to follow a few precautionary measures:
  • Monitor and Control the crevices and cracks in your home* Remove ANY loose wood from your home
  • Keep your home as dry as possible (to avoid moisture)
How We Treat Termites
The most effective way to treat termites in South Florida’s muggy atmosphere is with an annual inspection by All Things Pest Control.  If yo even THINK that your home has been infected with termites call us immediately to make a quick assessment of your home.  We’ll help yo keep property damage down to a minimum.  Don’t wait! Schedule your inspection today!
All Things Pest Control Fact:   The US will spend approximately $5 Billion dollars this year combating termites and repairing subsequent damage! Many insurance policies do not include coverage against termites. Approximately 600,000 homes will be attacked with an average repair cost of $3,000 per victim!

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As leading Sunrise Pest Control Specialists, we understand the urgency home owners experience from the stress of living under attack by pests. High humidity in South Florida, as well as continuous rainfall, makes our homes an ideal breeding ground for a variety of invasive pests.  CALL: 1-813-749-2847
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Since Florida has such a unique climate, general solutions that blanket an entire area are ineffective against these infestations. Sunrise Pest Control solutions should come from experienced pest control experts who are familiar with the climate and pests.
We Provide Residential and Commercial Interior and Exterior Sunrise Pest Control Services to a Plethora of South Florida Hone  Business Owners
As home owners ourselves, we understand the frustration and disdain insects, rodents, termites, bees, ants, fleas and other pests can cause to a family. Increasing our consumer base through referrals of our current clientele, we strive to provide stellar customer service that exceeds expectations. With more than 10 years of combined pest control experience in South Florida, our pest control extermination crew is fully prepared, and well equipped, to handle ALL types of pest infestation. Our services range from the control and extermination of the frustrating bed bug, to the unwavering ant colony that grows where your children play. No job is too small, or too large, for our experienced exterminators.
All Things Pest Control Specializes in:
We’ll quickly respond to your pest control problems and perform a detailed inspection FREE of charge.
Our Sunrise Pest Control experts also treat commercial properties and residential lawn pests such as mole crickets and chinch bugs. Our goal is to protect your home from unwanted pests with state-of-the-art technology, and skillful technicians that work diligently to keep your home pest free.